Saturday, May 18, 2013

Guest Instructor: Igor Yakimov

Presenting Igor Yakimov, one of our guest instructors for H2H this year.

A former Soviet military officer, Igor Yakimov is the highest-ranking Sambo instructor living in North America. Mr. Yakimov is currently the president of Sambo Canada and UFRS. Igor is a graduate of Russian Military College where he was trained in sport and combat Sambo. He was twice national Sambo Champion, and once international Sambo Champion. He is also a past world Judo champion in the Masters Class, having won gold a couple years ago. Igor is a Master of the Sport in Sambo, one of the important honors that can be bestowed upon a competitor. Mr. Yakimov is also the Canadian representative of FIAS the largest Sambo sanctioning body in the world. Igor is perhaps best known as the star of the worlds best selling English language instructional videotapes, 100 Lessons of Russian Sambo and Sambo Leglocks.

This man's forgotten more about pain than you'll ever remember.

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