Training Description

FONC (aka H2H 2014)

Dates: 15Jun14 through 22Jun14
Location: 2246-C Stevens Mill Road, Matthews, NC 28104
Training Cost: $275

The objective of H2H Self-Defense Training is to expose Cadets to hand-to-hand self-defense techniques. H2H will include striking & grappling instruction, techniques for disarming an attacker, and an overview on how to deal with multiple attackers. The training will also include daily fitness instruction, including training in the functional movements of fitness (squats, presses, deadlifts and cleans), dietary recommendations, and a lecture on the importance of rest in any training regimen.

We have assembled a world-class lineup of instructors for this training, including an ex-KGB sambo world champion, a European Olympic judo coach, and a world-class judo competitor and instructor. Our lineup also includes CrossFit training each day.

This training is open to 28 male cadets (including 4 staff cadets). Priority will be given to cadets aged 15 and older with high PT scores. Because of its extended schedule, this training qualifies as a two-week training.

Cadets interested in staffing this training must be pre-qualified by the head instructor.

Interested Cadets should submit a Request for Training Authority (NSCTNG 001) and $275 fee (bank check or money order payable to H2H Fitness, LLC) to the attention of:

Jeff Carroll
3116 Glen Summit Drive
Charlotte, North Carolina 28270

Please note: This is NOT the location of the training - it is Instructor Carroll’s personal residence. The training will be held at 2246-C Stevens Mill Road, Matthews, NC 28104.

For more information, contact Instructor Jeff Carroll (COTC for this training) at 704-905-2276; e-mail; or visit the website at