Tuesday, June 19, 2012

Major Faux pax!

In this post we have some good news and some bad news.......well, actually, we only have bad news.  Today while working on the blog posts, SOMEONE checked one too many little boxes and deleted all the posts.  We are investigating to discover who the culprit is.  OK, it's me.  This is something one should not do in the company of Jeff Carroll and 25 young men who spend their days practicing controlled aggression.  The consequences can be severe.

To fully appreciate those consequences a little background is in order.  Just before this training started I went to considerable expense to have a T-shirt print up.  This t-shirt is pink with the letters WUSS printed across the front.  We told the cadets it was to be given out to the one who showed a lack of initiative, bad attitude, whining etc.  We never really intended to give it out.  It was just there, hung up on the wall.  More of a novelty than anything else.  It got a big laugh and I thought it was really quite clever. 

For the next 24 hours I will wear the 'shirt of shame'. 

with my 'scepter'

Really, I look at this as an opportunity to show these young men how a man takes responsibility for his mistakes and takes the consequences without complaint. Also, many of your young cadets were not familiar with the idea of irony.  They are now.
Ens Steve Gould

BTW, here is link to the still photos again.  www.aperture.zenfolio.com    As always, images are available for you to download at no charge.   



  1. Oh Darling! How beautiful you look in such a pale pink! It would look darling with my new purse. Which you could use when you need to buy more cleaning supplies for your scepter! I am laughing soooo hard!