Tuesday, June 26, 2012

Officer's Report - 120624

Today is the last day of FONC H2H 2012. We began the day at 0700 by waking the guys up and getting them going on straightening out the facility. At 0815 I conducted Sunday morning devotions for any interested cadets. We looked a number of sports analogies from the Bible (running, boxing; wrestling) and discussed how these passages apply to us today in our everyday lives.

After devotions we headed over to the Golden Corral for some chow. I'm pretty sure most of the guys threw the zone diet out of the window there.

At 1030 we headed back to the training center, cleaned up and got things ready for graduation. The ceremony went very smoothly, with many parents and guests attending:

After the ceremony, the guys did a final cleanup and FONC H2H 2012 came to a close at 1400.

Thanks to everyone for coming out. Thanks for the opportunity to work with these young men.

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