Tuesday, June 26, 2012

Officer's Report - 120623

We woke the guys up at 0615 this morning for a surprise CrossFit workout. The cadets had 15 minutes to get their gear together before heading over to the CrossFit Charlotte location. Once we arrived, the cadets were given a surprise workout consisting of a 200m prowler push (a prowler is a metal sled carrying weights, deisgned to be pushed across an asphalt parking lot), an 8-foot wall climb, box jumps, sit ups, 25-pound ground-to-overhead lifts, pull ups, weighted hill runs with a sandbag. We grouped the guys together in teams of two for this workout. Here they are in action:

After CrossFit, we headed back to the training center where the cadets ate breakfast and got ready for their first grappling session of the day with Shinjiro Sasaki, a world-class judo competitor and instructor:

After this session, we ate lunch and assisted our hosts - the folks from the judo club - in breaking down their martial arts camp at a nearby facility. The guys got 4 hours of community service for doing this. We ate dinner (a treat - pizza & ice cream), straightened out the facility, and watched the movie Rudy before lights out at 2400. 

Tomorrow's graduation - a big day. Stay tuned for our next report.

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