Monday, June 17, 2013

Officer's Report - 130617

Day 2 is in the books. We woke the cadets up at 0600 for an hour of grappling, followed by breakfast - a protein shake, almond butter, yogurt, and an apple. Afterwards, we got in an hour of judo instruction. The guys learned O Soto Gari - Big Outside Reaping Throw. A very useful takedown for wrestling, judo and jiu jitsu.

Afterwards, we got in a 16-minute CrossFit workout. Sixteen minutes, that's all. Here's what the guys did: Four rounds of pull ups (1 minute) push ups (1 minute) sit ups (1 minute) squats (1 minute). Sixteen minutes. Some guys got in over 500 repetitions. A bunch got in over 400 reps. Everybody got in over 250 reps. That's a lot of work for 16 minutes. A whole lot of work. One guy even lost his breakfast (my son).

Afterwards, the guys worked with Instructor Lash, getting in some stick and knife work (how to defend against stick and knife attacks). This was followed by a wholesome lunch - cold cuts (turkey), carrots, broccoli and sliced oranges. The prefect paleo/zone midday meal.

In the afternoon, the guys continued working with Instructor Lash and then did some horsing around (supervised, of course). They stacked up a bunch of gear and practiced diving rolls over it. Diving front rolls are a judo falling skill we covered yesterday. The cadets had a great time at it.

After some more grappling, we ate grilled jumbo beef franks, coleslaw, carrots and broccoli. Another balanced meal. After dinner we gave the cadets their technology for a half hour to correspond with family and friends. And we let the guys swim at a nearby pool.

Finally, we had a long "Values & Vices" discussion. The topic: Freedom and Oppression. We talked about how freedom is always associated with responsibility and how oppression is always associated with force. It was a great back & forth. There IS hope for the next generation!

At 2230 it was lights out. We'll be back on the mats again tomorrow morning at 0600. Have a wonderful evening. And thank you for the opportunity to work with your kids!

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