Thursday, June 20, 2013

Officer's Report - 130619

I had several unexpected administrative tasks to attend to which precluded me from posting yesterday's daily report until now. Please accept my apologies.

Wednesday was a well-deserved rest day for the guys. We got everyone up at 0700, ate a good breakfast (protein drinks, yogurt, fruit and almond butter) and straightened up the training facility.

Afterwards we drove about an hour north of Charlotte to Carrigan Farms - a rock quarry - to play some volleyball and do some swimming. The folks from Carrigan Farms served us a huge hamburger/hot dog/bratwurst feast. It was a good time for all!

We returned to the training facility at about 1500, at which time we assisted a local non-profit (the judo club hosting us this week in their facility) in setting up for an annual judo/jiu jitsu camp at an offsite location. The event, billed as the Greatest Camp on Earth, attracts judo and jiu jitsu players worldwide. In return for our help in setting up for the event, the judo club has allowed us to use their facility this week. They have also allowed us to work with their instructors. The cadets earned 4 hours of community service on Wednesday.

Afterwards, we had all-you-can-eat peanut butter 7 jelly sandwiches, totally disregarding the paleo/zone diet we have been following all week. After cleaning up the facility, it was lights out at 2300. The guys have a BIG day Thursday, including 2 hours with Igor Yakimov.

Stay tuned - we have more to come!

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