Sunday, June 23, 2013

Officer's Report - 130622

Our last day of FONC is in the books. We got the cadets up at 0600 and put then through an early-morning CrossFit challenge. Here's what they did:

"The Gauntlet"
Pull Ups, 30 reps
50 m dash
Ground to Overhead, 25 lbs, 60 reps
50 m dash
Sit Ups, 90 reps
50 m dash
Kettle Bell Swings, 54 lbs, 30 reps
50 m dash
Wall Ball Shots, 20 lb ball / 10 ft target, 30 reps
50 m dash
Push Ups, Hand Release, 60 reps
50 m dash
Box Jumps, 20" box, 60 reps
50 m dash
Burpees, 30 reps
50 m dash

A killer workout. One cadet (Joseph Robinson, nickname "16 Minutes") finished the job in 21:48. Excellent job, son!

The guys ate come breakfast after their morning workout before working with Ryan Reser - a world-class judo player and Olympian - for a hour. Ryan adapted judo takedowns to street situations. It was a great class:

Immediately after their session with Ryan, the guys had the opportunity to work with Rafael Rosendo - a world-class Brazilian Jiu Jitsu player. Rafael demonstrated a number of submissions, breaking them down into discreet steps. Fact it, BJJ is a science. No kidding. It's the science of grappling - a thinking man's sport.

Next we ate lunch and then had a final session with Igor Yakimov.

After working with Igor, the cadets helped break down the judo camp and cleaned up the training facility:

Finally, we ate dinner (pizza - so much for the paleo/zone diet tonight!), watched the movie "Rudy" and hit the hay. We have a big day ahead of us tomorrow: Graduation Day.

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