Wednesday, June 19, 2013

Officer's Report - 130618

Sorry about the delay in getting this post out... last night the guys watched a movie ("Act of Valor") and my computer was the entertainment center! To be honest, most of the cadets slept through the movie - yesterday was a very active day here at FONC.

We got up at 0600 and got in an hour's worth of grappling, followed by our usual breakfast (protein shakes, yogurt, fruit, and almond butter). This was followed by an hour's worth of grappling instruction and a hard CrossFit workout (some gymnastics, followed by 12 hard 100m sprints punctuated by 30 second rests).

 At 1300 Instructors Gomiz and Lash took over. Instructor Lash ran the karate instruction:

Instructor Gomiz ran the Mauy Thai instruction (close-quarters stand-up fighting, including elbow and knee strikes):

Next, we did our usual lunch (turkey & ham cold cuts, broccoli & carrots, orange slices) followed by a few hours of sparring. We don't have many photos of the sparring... we VIDEOTAPED it instead. Keep your eyes open for these videos:

From 1600 to 1800 the guys did some grappling. They've established a pretty neat routine: "The Ring of Death." Nothing to fret over, Moms, this is normal guy stuff and it's completely supervised! Here's what they do. Interested cadets (usually 20-25 of our 32 guys) get into a giant ring. One cadet sits in the middle. A challenger steps forward and grapples with the guy in the center. The winner stays in, while a new challenger steps up. The winner stays in as long as he wins. Naturally, after a few rounds the winner will tire and we'll end up with anew guy in the center. This goes on for a couple hours during the cadet's "downtime." The energy levels around here are amazing:

At 1800 we had a great dinner (chicken fajitas with guacamole and corn). Thanks to Mrs. Carroll and my daughter Brittany for all the help with meals. Afterwards, it was swim time at a nearby pool. Finally, it was movie time. No "Values & Vices" segment for Day 3 - some administrative things came up which crowded them out.

Thanks again for the opportunity to work with your kids. Keep your eyes open for more posts, pictures and videos.

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