Saturday, June 22, 2013

Officer's Report - 130621

On Friday morning we woke the cadets up at 0600 and put them through a CrossFit workout consisting of a quarter mile run followed by 50 squats, then another quarter mile run followed by 50 push ups, then another quarter mile run followed by 50 sit ups, with a final quarter mile run followed by 25 burpees (one of the nastiest body weight exercises known to man). Here's what a burpee looks like:

After completing this workout I instructed the cadets on how to achieve the north-south position and in how to submit an opponent from north-south.

After this, Igor dropped by the training facility to work some more with the cadets. He even demonstrated the infamous "Russian Can Opener" on a few volunteers - a painful, but effective, technique.

After training with Igor, the guys ate lunch (cold cuts, salad and fruit) and then watched a wide range of martial artists (Judo, Japanese Jiujitsu, Kendo, etc.) demostrate their skills at the annual judo camp nearby. We let the guys rest the remainder of the day - tomorrow starts with a surprise....

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