Sunday, June 15, 2014

Brittany's Corner: Day 1

What a day! 

After the cadets were dropped off this afternoon, they were given a thorough safety briefing and/or orientation speech that touched on every topic from the importance of cleaning mats to the treacherous yet constructive workouts they'll be doing this week.  As the day progressed, the boys learned some basic grappling positions, as well as about the host of Crossfit workouts they'll no doubt ace and the strict, yet nutritious, diet regimen they'll be enjoying this week.  

This evening, the boys enjoyed (probably???) two hot dogs apiece, sans buns, a few scoop-fulls of raw broccoli, baby carrots, pineapple and blueberries, and, to top off this truly gourmet meal, a single cheese stick per boy.  Scrumptious!  (Biased opinion as I do aid in the cooking--also, shout-out to my meal-duty boys.) 

After dinner, the boys went on to practice some basics in grappling.  After this, the previously mentioned importance of mat-cleaning made a reappearance as the boys worked to bring the facility back to a sanitary state.  

 The fellas practicing break-falls like old pros 

 One of the aforementioned basic grappling positions (the Guard) in action

Some grappling at work

A few cadets preparing their cubbies for the week as Staffer Popeye smiles in the midst of the scene

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