Tuesday, June 17, 2014

Day 3: Morning Workout

The guys got up as usual at 0700 again today and after 30 minutes of personal time we got down to business. After a good warm up consisting of a variety of gymnastic movements (somersaults, rolls, hand walks, etc) we did our morning CrossFit challenge. Today's workout:

18 x 75m Wind Sprints / Each Sprint followed by 30sec of Rest

In total, this workout took about 14 minutes. The guys were gassed and learned that you don't have to hang out in the gym for 3 hours to stay fit. And you don't need a bunch of special equipment - just a willingness to work hard and fast (more on CrossFit in a future post). Here's some photos from our morning session:



A couple of cadets consistently ran at the front of the pack - Nesbitt and Nagle:

We had several guys who couldn't join us for the fun and games.... various minor reasons (twisted ankle, bruised toes, muscle cramps - nothing to worry about Mom). These guys, who I affectionately call "the walking wounded" still had to train - they just didn't run. Here they are (again, nothing to worry about, Moms, your cadets are in good hands here at H2H):


After of morning workout, we had our usual breakfast and then got ready for a little grappling instruction.

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