Thursday, June 19, 2014

Day 5: Guest Instructors

This morning Igor Yakimov worked with the cadets for 2 hours. He taught a wide range of hand-to-hand techniques that he learned while in the Russian Army. Here's some pics of his session with the guys today:

After training the Igor, the guys ate lunch (cold cuts, tortilla wraps and fresh fruit) followed by a session with Sensei Tom Reiff. Sensei Tom taught some takedowns and submissions. He even taught some cane fighting techniques (that's right - "cane" as in "grandpa" and "fighting" as in "don't mess with grandpa" haha). Who knew that a cane could be such a lethal piece of self-defense weaponry? Here's some photos from our afternoon session:

The guys will get to work with Igor one or two more times this week.

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