Thursday, June 19, 2014

Day 5: Guest Instructor Igor Yakimov

Today the guys get their first session with Guest Instructor Igor Yakimov. Igor is a legend in the grappling community. Here's his credentials:

5th Dan Judo
2001 World Masters Sambo Champion
2001 Medalist World Combat Sambo Championship
1999 World Masters Judo Champion
1999 Pan American Sambo Champion
1997 Provincial Judo Champion
1990 International Sambo Champion
1990 Medalist Soviet Sambo Championship
1988 Russian National Sambo Champion
1985 Russian National Sambo Champion
1984 Medalist of International Judo Tournament of Socialist Countries

The guys will get to work with Igor a couple times this week. He's a very colorful and talented instructor. It's a privilege to have Igor help with our training.

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