Tuesday, June 17, 2014

Brittany's Corner: Day 2

The fellas are really starting to feel the burn.  Though, with a day full of Crossfit workouts, sparring and grappling, that's to be expected.  

Throughout the day, the boys were worked out to the point of regurgitation, fed more downright immaculate meals and allowed to go to a nearby hotel for an hour-long romp in the pool.  Instructor Lash came in early on to teach the boys some striking techniques and to take them through the ropes of sparring.  By the end of it all, the boys were 100% for one of those aforementioned immaculate meals.  All in all, despite the humidity and four cadets to have lost their lunch, it was a pretty splendid day of learning and physical combat. 

Cadet Gerry just downright tickled to have achieved such a delightful rep score (terminology is unimportant) on this morning's Pre-Breakfast Crossfit workout

Members of the "I Lost My Lunch to Crossfit" Club (Gerry, Hinestrosa, Instructor "Death" Carroll and Briggs)

The cadets forming a kickline worthy of Broadway

Lunch consisted of 8 slices of lunch meat apiece on a flour tortilla with the dazzling options of carrots or assorted pineapple/blueberries as a side

It doesn't look like much, but we had some leftovers

Blurry Cadet moving in for a fatal blow on In-Focus Cadet

Shirtless boys posing with sparring equipment

Naps are incredibly important

More work with the guard today

A post-first-serving picture of tonight's dinner; taco salad and grapes (a crowd pleaser) 

The boys enjoying a tiny pool at the end of an obnoxiously humid North Carolinian day!

Some work with the weights after dinner for those who just weren't feeling the pool life

Check that form tho

More pool enjoyment!

These two are sitting back-to-back in preparation for a hardcore grappling match

Look at them go

These two are clearly having a spectacular time

Really not sure who's winning here


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