Saturday, June 21, 2014

Day 7: "The Keelhauling"

Last year our final CrossFit challenge was called "The Gauntlet." This year it was "The Keelhauling" - eight stations of pain separated by 50m sprints. A grueling combination of movements designed to bring out the best in these young men. Here's today's mash-up:

"The Keelhauling"
Pull Ups, 30 reps
50 m dash
Slam Balls, 30 lbs, 30 reps
50 m dash
Wall Ball Shots, 20 lb ball / 10 ft target, 25 reps
50 m dash
Sit Ups, 100 reps
50 m dash
Push Ups, Hand Release, 60 reps
50 m dash
Box Jumps, 20" box, 60 reps
50 m dash
Kettle Bell Swings, 54 lbs, 30 reps
50 m dash
Burpees, 30 reps
50 m dash

The 5 best times came from the following cadets:

1 - Nagle "Brick" 18:40
2 - Gerry "CrossFit" 19:13
3 - Simonson "Predator" 19:15
4 - Cuesta "Bottom Feeder" 19:42
5 - Diener "Autobahn" 20:12

Honorable mention goes to cadet Best (aka "Jackie Chan") who completed the course with one arm - he incurred a minor shoulder injury yesterday but wanted to run the course anyways.

Cadet Gilreath (aka "Skippy") is on the injured reserve list and was not able to navigate the course:

And lest I forget, cadet Nesbitt lived up to his nickname "Salmon" AGAIN today for running the course out of order (salmons swim upstream, spawn and die....).

The staffers ran the course as well. I established a new tradition for H2H: I allowed the cadets to torment the staffers as they worked their way through the challenge. Here's some photos of the staffers (and their tormentors) at work:

These guys did great, making it through this challenge with flying colors!!!

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