Friday, June 20, 2014

Brittany's Corner: Day 5

Igor Yakimov, ex-KGB officer, member of the Spetsnaz, Sambo champion and certified butt-kicker, came in today to train the boys in How to Destroy Your Enemies in Unorthodox Ways the Church has Probably Outlawed.  His training session began with an hour-long Russian army workout that was most likely straight from Dante's 9th ring of hell.  By the end of it, the boys were straining for relaxation.  No such luck.  Yakimov was just getting started with them.  He went on to teach a super nifty little trick that was, essentially, an arm-bar that leads into kneeing your opponent in the face.  The boys really loved this one until, of course, they had to practice it.  Then they still loved it, but they loved it with the unique sort of love that requires a knee in the face to truly experience.  

Yakimov will be returning soon to continue the betterment-through-agony that truly is the Spetsnaz way of doing things. 

Later, traditional judo champion and cane-fighter Tom Reiff came in.  Initially, the boys were skeptical.  He was just some old guy.  


No sirree.   

The cadets quickly learned the meaning of the old adage "don't judge a book by its cover" when the book they expected to be lame kicked their butts into next week.  

To make things all the better, Reiff even came with props.  He brought a ton of wooden canes with him that are reminiscent of those shepherds used in Bible times (where does somebody even find those nowadays?).  With these, Reiff taught the cadets a series of submissions that could easily disable any attacker.  

For dinner, the boys were given sausages (apple [chicken] and Italian), raspberries and blueberries, bean salad, and kale salad.  An easy, astoundingly healthy meal that certainly satisfied.  Afterwards, two groups of boys were taken to a nearby pool where, with the aid of water guns and pool noodles, they proved to actually just be seven year olds.  

Yakimov surveying this year's batch of cadets

The cadets in the throes of the Russian army warm-up 

Yakimov offering specialist advice

Staffer Johnston internally regretting waking up today as Yakimov takes him down

Tired cadets with a cheeky Igor

He's on his way to becoming a beautiful butterfly 

The cadets pre-Reiff

Cane-fighting part 1

Cane-fighting part 2

Cane-fighting part 3

The cadets post-Reiff 

A hearty meal

Expert servers of Meal Team 6 at work 

The cadets enjoying a nice, relaxing break before this evening's grapple-fest 

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