Wednesday, June 18, 2014

Brittany's Corner: Day 3

Today, the boys enjoyed some truly incredible early dinner consisting of BBQ pulled pork, whole-wheat thin bread, pineapple and kale salad.  They were really pleased with it because it was super delicious.  

Directly after dinner, however, they were instructed to begin the long process of moving mats.  In order to fulfill service hours, the boys moved dozens of foam mats from the upstairs of the facility to a waiting truck.  From there, the truck (and two massive vans for the boys) tootled down to the facility where they'd go on to unload the mats for an upcoming judo camp.  The very same judo camp, in fact, that will host the world-class instructors who will be teaching the cadets all sorts of manly fighting techniques. ((implied Tool Time grunting)) 

Tomorrow, the cadets will receive a much-deserved break as we go to Carrigan Farms, a natural rock quarry that is both excellent for swimming and is also home to some of the best hamburgers of all time. 

They've earned it. 

The members of "Meal Team 6" (a pun shamefully by yours truly) serving up dinner

The sort of orderly teamwork it takes to move all those mats downstairs at work

The boys embracing their inner first graders in their few minutes of downtime 

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