Friday, June 20, 2014

Day 5: Dinner / Cadet's Choice / Circle of Death

After our grappling session Becky and Brittany served another excellent meal followed by a 2-hour Cadet's Choice session (swim, gymnastics, free weights). Most of the guys elected to swim, but a few worked with the free weights and/or did some gymnastics. Here's some pics from dinner and the Cadet's Choice session:

Tonight we supercharged "Grapplefest" turning it into the "Circle of Death." Basically, it was no different than Grapplefest, except the guys got to work takedowns and submissions with the winner staying on the mat (and getting to select the music to play while taking on the next challenger). Great fun!

 Afterwards we cleaned up and it was lights out at 2300. Until tomorrow....

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