Sunday, June 22, 2014

Brittany's Corner: Day 7

Now, I'm not 100% sure what the guys did today, as I was at home preparing tonight's meal, but I know for a fact that the cadets met two more world-class instructors today and most certainly got reasonably whooped by them.  I also know that they went through a Crossfit workout that ended with about a dozen cadets losing their proverbial lunch.  A more detailed review of the workout can be found here.  

On top of all of that, the cadets were also supposed to help break down the mats at the judo camp and repack them back in the dojo loft.  Most of this was done in the consistent heat and humidity that plagues North Carolina summers so completely.  

So, as you can imagine, they were incredibly hungry by dinnertime.  And they were incredibly happy to see that their strict diet came to an end this evening, because my mom and I are really weak and just really love to pamper the boys.  Tonight, they were given copious amounts of peanut butter and jelly sandwiches, Ruffles potato chips, soda, and salad.  Probably not the healthiest thing they've been fed this week, but they deserved it, so it's all right.  But, of course, when my mom and I pamper cadets, we do not neglect the sweet tooth.  As soon as the sandwiches were all gone (like, eight loaves of bread worth), and the boys were lined up for something or another I didn't get to overhear, we broke out three sizable tubs of ice cream, a slew of toppings and about ten packs of s'mores Keebler Cookies.  

Needless to say, we had very little leftover afterwards. 

Later that evening, a few of the cadets engaged in grappling matches to decide who got the big-ticket item: A meal of fried goodness from a local restaurant.  

This probably wasn't a great idea, given the boys had just gorged on PB&Js and sweets.  This was proven when Cadet "Salmon (Rosy)" Nesbitt vomited in the middle of one of the matches, but c'est la vie.  To Salmon's credit, he was not dissuaded by this sudden loss of dinner.  He got right back on the mat and wrestled excellently.  Go Salmon. 

In the end, though the valiant puker was awarded the second dinner, he gave it to two of the injured cadets.  I repeat, go Salmon

Tomorrow morning, before graduation, the boys will be shuttled to Golden Coral for some well-deserved fine dining.  The diet really is out the window now. 

The start of grapple-fest! 

Gilreath and Staffer "Popeye" dueling with crutches on the sidelines of grapple-fest, because the battles really just cannot cease no matter what

The wrestlers getting all turned around

Staffer "Death" Carroll getting really excited about this grappling match

He's really excited about it, like he's bathing in sublimity

Blurry Cadet either hugging or choking Staffer "Big Red" Menna

Death riding Staffer "Juggernaut" Johnston like, and I quote, "a war elephant"

An impromptu game of chicken 

In general conclusion of this segment, I'd like to say that your kids were complete blessing and I will honestly miss them (especially the ones who helped serve the food, they were stellar).  I hope they enjoyed themselves and learned a ton about self-defense and the importance of exercise and whatnot.  We hope to see them again next year, as staffers or otherwise!  

Thanks for reading! 

I feel like I should sign my name now, so, uh:


Brittany "Honey Boy" Carroll (of the Blog Updaters and Meal Team 6)

Yeah, that feels right. 

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