Thursday, June 19, 2014

Brittany's Corner: Day 4

The cadets got their much-needed break today at the splendid Carrigan Farms natural rock quarry!  The quarry, around 25 feet deep and full of fresh rain/spring water, served as a sublime respite for the boys this morning.  The quarry's floating dock served as a wrestling ring, because what else are 30+ boys going to do with a dock, and the cliffs (all only about eight feet tall, fear not, parents!) as diving boards.  At noon, the fun was paused momentarily for a splendid meal of hamburgers, brats or hotdogs prepared by the stellar Carrigan Farms staff.  The fellas were incredibly happy to be allowed so much rich food after their strict diet this week!   

A panorama of the quarry

The Wrestling Dock

Staffer "Juggernaut" Johnston grappling with somebody who should really tap out


The "Sugar Cookie Crew"

The cadets enjoying their unfathomably good lunches

The dock overflowing with boy-folks

A cadet braving the high-jump; a rock of 12+ feet

A view from the sandy beach-esque area overlooking the scenic quarry

Cadet Kehoe doing, ah, this on the way home

Most of the cadets just being done with being photographed for the day

All in all, Carrigans was an excellent break from the intense workout routine! 

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